how to date an asian woman
Have you dreamed of making love to an Asian Woman?
Stop DREAMING and make that fantasy come true!

How to Date an Asian Woman is a 75 page ebook that tells you everything you need to find, attract and seduce an exotic female from the Far East including:

  • Where to find enchanting and eligible Asian women in your neighborhood
  • The names of the top ten cities in the U.S.A. (and counties) where you are likely to meet a smart, attractive and ambitious Asian woman
  • How to convince any Asian woman, in any country at any time to go out with you!
  • How to dress to impress her
  • How to earn her admiration without looking like you are trying too hard
  • How to get to know her as well as the back of your hand BEFORE you even think of asking her out
  • How to write and compose the perfect online dating profile or letter so that she starts chasing you and not the other way around
  • What gifts to give her right down to the kinds of flowers and perfumes she would appreciate the most
  • What you need to know about her culture so that she not only accepts you as a lover but grows to need you to be your partner
  • The Dos and Don’t of interracial dating and most importantly …

date asian women

     It doesn’t matter if the Asian woman you are longing for is a twenty year old “fly girl” from Tokyo or a 45-year-old twice divorced businesswoman from mainland China. Our step-by-step guide for a first date works every time on every Asian woman for every culture (and it is not the type of advice you will find in any other book!) Other books will simply give you a long list of suggestions for “creative” ideas for dates. We will tell you why the first date is no time to use your imagination! We will take you step-by-step through the entire First Date Ritual from shaving your nose hairs to bidding her goodnight at the door.

     In fact, this book asks you forget everything that you think you know about impressing an Asian beauty. We asks you to forget your creativity (which just looks like blundering around to her) and all of your preconceptions (which just looks like racism to her) by revealing:

  • The one most important quality that Asian women revere in a partner
  • The all-time worst thing you can do to turn her off in your initial email or communication
  • The one thing that sends a message to her that you are cheap
  • The one physical gesture that will inspire her to have complete confidence in you
  • Why your sense of humor may not seem so charming to her
  • Why she might want to blame her physical ailments on you
  • Why you must always wear clean socks
  • Why she might seem passive and unemotional when really she is seething with passion inside.

    …and also a list of common secret motivations for why Asian women date Caucasian men so that you are never blind sided by a gold digger, a mental patient or a demanding, whiny brat masquerading as an adult ever again!

asian women dating

    Simply paying attention to what this book has to say about Caucasian-Asian relationships will spare you hours of emails, and wondering if she is ever going to make up her mind to be with you. And there will be no question that there will be a second date!

    Nobody understands yellow fever better than the author who knows exactly how unbearable unrequited desire can be! The symptoms include anxiety, restlessness, a preoccupation with Lucy Liu and a longing to tussle between the sheets with a woman with long silky black hair.

    HOW TO DATE AN ASIAN WOMAN shows you how to understand each and every type of Asian woman – from the mildest to wildest by understanding what their point of view is about male white perception of them and how they have learned to manipulate those stereotypes to drive you crazy with lust!

    Although these women seem mysterious and complex, we will tell you the simple secrets (some of them based on ancient wisdom from her culture) that will tame these proud beauties and have them eating out of your hand. Much of it will surprise you! This book gets right into the psychological meat of how to seduce her including the most important-

How to honor every single part of her body from head to toe including her hair, her neck, her eyes, her lips, her breasts, her back, her arms, her legs etc. and capture her love, devotion and sexual imagination forever. Nowhere, not in a bookstore, on the Internet or anywhere will you find a book on how to seduce and Asian woman as thorough, sensuous and psychologically intriguing as this one!

    Knowing everything about her, from head to toe, is one of the secrets to unleashing the passionate potential that you just know is lurking inside the Asian women that you meet in every day life -- that mild-mannered Asian woman that you see working as a bank teller or that gorgeous Asian go-go dancer at the club. Or perhaps you simply catch a glimpse of a photograph online that simply makes you hold your breath (and maybe something else!)

     Stop jerking around and get real about taking the steps necessary to find the Asian woman of your dreams! We will feel confident about saying that because we know that is exactly what you are doing rather than grasping the fact that a future with a real flesh and blood Asian and woman is completely possible. Keep in mind too that this book is written by someone who has been there – who understands you and why you may be so much at the mercy of these gorgeous creatures that you can’t seem to find the nerve to take those all important first steps towards promoting yourself as the man of her dreams!

     Do Asian women seem mysterious to you? Unattainable or even too good for you? Do you surf for erotic anime as a substitute for a real sexual experience? Do Asian women constantly blow you right off when you try to approach them?

date asian woman

There is just no reason to go on like this when you can:

  • Take simple practical steps to finding your Asian soul mate in real life that produce results
  • Learn simple ways to change yourself and your speech so that you are more attractive to Asian women
  • Familiarize yourself with her way and culture so that an Asian woman (and her family) finds you more attractive.

     How to Date an Asian Woman teaches you how to stop blundering and become the every day hero of these exotic enchantresses. It not only reveals where your Asian lover is coming from geographically a, but it also where “she is coming from” psychologically, emotionally and rationally before she considers dating a white male.

     As a man who loves Asian women you know that they sexually supreme beings who are just as fierce and erotic as the characters you see on the silver screen and the comic book. You are dying to ask her out, but you worship her so much, that you simply are stuck in a kind of paralyzed servitude. How do you let her know how devoted you would be to you if you could only get the opportunity to lavish her with respect and affection? :

    Everything you need to know about what makes Asian women tick is compiled here in one concise, easy-to read ebook so that you never get a blank, frosty or contemptuous look from an Asian woman again!

    But that’s not all. This is an ebook that understands just how lonely you feel without an Asian partner. Sufferers of so-called “yellow fever” often feel like racists, dirty old men or like outsiders in an American culture. Sometimes there are no words to explain why they feel this irresistible pull to be with women who are Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Cambodian or Thai. This author understands your need to belong to something magnificent, infinitely arousing and spiritually true which is your need for an inter-racial bond.

    This book also teaches you the secrets of coming onto her without appearing like a player or a racist including advice on:

  • Common Asian customs
  • Her value system
  • How to get her to see you as a movie star or dashing hero
  • How to win the approval of her family
  • What language to avoid using so that you don’t offend her
  • What clothing to leave in the closet every time you see her
  • What the absolute basics are of everything that you need to know about Asian culture so that you will never have to ask her a single question about her personal habits or customs
  • How to avoid turning her off with your behavior
  • The perfect gifts to give her to win her heart

And most importantly, how to convince her that you are truly willing to belong in her arms!!

    They say that knowledge is power and this is particularly true when it comes to seducing a woman from another culture. More than most courtships, this one needs a strategy! The only way to do this is to find truthful answers to those nagging questions that you probably ask yourself about Asian women every day.

  • Is it TRUE what they say about Asian Women?” Is sex better with an Asian partner or is that just a myth? In this book we provide the ethnographic study and scientific evidence that shows you why some men “never go back” after having sex just ONCE with an Asian female.
  • Do I have to be rich to attract an Asian woman? Are they all gold diggers who are after money or immigration status? In this book the answer to that question will be revealed as well as her true motivations for wanting to be with an American male at all.
  • Do I have to be good looking to attract an Asian woman? You may be surprised by this answer, which digs deep into her psychology, heritage and values to find out the truth!
  • Are Asian dating services scams? In this book we reveal the one con to watch out for before you enroll in an online or offline dating service. This alone can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration!

     How to Date an Asian Woman is unique because it teaches you how to show appreciation and respect for her by understanding every single component of her body from head to toe. You will find no other book on the Internet that takes this thorough, detailed and compassionate approach to defining your Asian woman’s needs including a consideration of her mind, her eyes, her hair, her lips, her neck, her voice, her breasts, her voice and every other part of her anatomy. There is simply no other book that is as thorough and understanding of an Asian woman’s needs published anywhere!

Any Asian woman who dates a man who reads this book is likely to feel like a Goddess!

     And we don’t stop there! To further understand the many faces of the Asian woman that tantalizes and teases you in your dreams. These Ten Erotic Asian Types include:

1. The Book Worm

2. The Glamour Girl

3. The Ice Princess

4. The Geisha Girl

5. The Muse

6. The Little Orphan Girl

7. The Nurturer

8. The School Girl

9. The Super Happy Sex Kitty

10. The Warrior

date asian women

     Of course some of you might be happy enough to entertain these erotic types in the realm of your imagination only, which is a tragedy because almost every every-day Asian women boasts at least two of these ten erotic facets. It’s your loss!

    Is it true love or fetish? Are you ready to get real? The answers to this are in the section titled: “You Know You Have An Asian Fetish If…”

Here are some testimonials about what some men have had to say about How to Date an Asian Woman:

You have created here something I believe many frustrated Caucasians have been dying to see for a very long time - the definitive guide to creating attraction within ASIAN women.

Contrary to popular belief, many guys tend to think that Asian Women are the easiest to get but I know that it is far, FAR from the truth. They have been brought up in a totally different environment altogether, the have an entirely different set of beliefs and social conditionings when it comes to dating especially.

Now if you think that you can easily land the next Asian 'hottie' you see just by reading the latest "how to get laid" book which I believe are mostly written by Caucasians -- be prepared to get blown-off -- BIG TIME!

This is a complete A to Z of how to smoothly work your way up to an Asian woman's heart told by someone who has already done it - and done it well!

You understand them well - this I've got to admit. And you've backed the whole thing up with a lot of extensive research.

Great job!

Simon Heong
Publisher of the best-selling Dating & Attraction Guides:
Instant Attraction Program

“Before I read this book I was really pathetic. I was addicted to Asian porn and I never asked any girl out because I thought they were somehow “above me.” The info in this book taught me that I was the problem and that all I had to do was get the message out there that I was available and make a few changes about how I presented myself. I enrolled on a dating site and now I have so many beautiful women responding to my emails I can hardly believe that is real. The great thing is they treat me like I am James Bond.” - Don Age 39 Landscaper

"Let’s face it …any man who says he has yellow fever probably is a racist. I thought I was and was somewhat embarrassed about my fetish until this book gave me the “permission” to go ahead and let go of my “political correctedness.” I was also happy to discover that all that good sex with Asian women has a physical reason behind it. It wasn’t just my imagination!” - Edward Age 37 Magazine Editor

“This author seems to really understand what men who have an Asian fetish go through ...I particularly liked the part about the stereotypes and how I might be manipulated by them to act in a dishonest manner in order to impress these women. After following the advice, I now know that nothing could be further than the truth.” - Andreas Age 34 Art Gallery Owner

“What I like is the idea for the first date. It works! It was not at all what I was thinking and after reading this book I understood why Asian girls were always running away from me, even though I thought I was being really hip and friendly...” - Steve Age 27 Project Manager

    You can rent another Asian movie and feel sorry for yourself, or you can take the first step towards realizing your goal of becoming irresistible to Asian woman now by ordering How to Date an Asian Woman

Priced at only $9.99!

Ask yourself this question:
Isn't this small amount worth something that can change your life forever, and get you more than you ever dreamed of with an Asian beauty? Stop dreaming and make it a reality now.


date an asian woman

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